• Product Development
• Distribution Strategy
• PR & Marketing
• Merchandising
• Brand Positioning
• Buying strategy
• Our Experienced Buyers are always scouting new lines and developing relationships with vendors, We cover multiple areas of the market including;
• Contemporary market
• Designer market
• Accessories

• Our services include:
   - Establish relationships with hundreds of vendors
   - Editing of the market to save valuable time for retail clients
   - Assist in developing an innovative position in the retail
   business, build sales and increase profits
   - Personal service and introduction at market appoint ments
   - Consultation on retail directions and understanding of
   retail operations
   - presence at important shows and market venues

• Organization of buying trips:
   - We arrange your appointments with trustworthy suppliers
   who have been carefully selected to meet your needsand We
   select a personal representative for you who will prepare
   your visit before hand, accompany you during your buying
   trips and handles the follow-up work all the way through to
   the final shipping.
   - We carefully schedule appointmentswith the manufacturers
   so as to make the most out of the time available.
   - We will assist you in all of your travel arrangements,
   providing you with a car and driver for local trips and train
   or plane bookings.